Kognitic Predict Platform

Kognitic has launched the first-of-its-kind AI-driven platform in the industry that predicts drug development programs, using thousands of clinical data points from Kognitic’s platform to achieve close to 70% accurate launch date predictions.

Let us help you build a more accurate competitive timeline

Take advantage of our AI-based predictions to stay ahead of your competitors’ drug launches. Our algorithms track trial progress to estimate more accurate completion dates. Kognitic Predict has 20% higher accuracy than the sponsor in predicting the trial’s completion. The improved accuracy translates to you knowing the ‘true’ timeline in advance by ~5 months!

Design better and faster trials

Kognitic Predict showcases industry benchmarks for trial timelines in specific disease areas and allows visual configuration through grouping by the line of therapy, disease stage, prior therapy, and more. Kognitic Predict can create actionable insights and recommendations that can be applied for better trial design, site selection, and enrollment.

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