Kognitic Prime Platform

In a rapidly evolving space, pharmaceutical companies are realizing that they need a solution that will allow them to dynamically understand the market and bring drugs to patients quickly. They also need a program that enables them to forecast the financial impact of drug pipelines. Kognitic Prime Platform is that solution- a one-stop shop for understanding the drug development landscape, launch timelines, and financials.

Kognitic is a fully cloud-based platform integrating clinical trial and financial data in real time. Slice and dice data by: indications, drugs, trials, targets, biomarkers, patient segmentation, line of therapy, disease stages, sites, endpoints, trial design, regulatory events, sponsor, etc.

The Kognitic Prime Platform is an out-of-the-box solution that provides instantaneous transparency into the entire drug development landscape

The prime platform automates the gathering and assessment of data associated with clinical trials, drugs, regulatory events, financials, and CDx. The solution is powered by NLP algorithms that can normalize and assess data from various sources daily. The platform can process thousands of trials per hour and provide real-time data to reduce the decision timeframe from weeks to minutes.

Here are a few ways by which Kognitic users leverage the platform:

Dynamically generate competitive landscapes for specific indications and patient segments: Brand marketing and Competitive intelligence x
Our solution works in minutes, not weeks, to generate competitive data with stunning visuals. Manual interpretation, one-time processing, and delayed decisions are no longer an issue with Kognitic, thereby reducing the time to get real-time insights for our users. x
Monitor competitor’s strategy and timelines with streamlined, up-to-date notifications: Brand marketing, Commercial Strategy, and Competitive intelligence
Integrated view of the internal pipeline, competition, and financial forecasts: Business development, C-suite
With pipeline products and clinical trial data integrated with financial data and forecasting, Kognitic provides a critical 360-degree market view and competitive intelligence. Make informed, data-driven forecasting and decisions ahead of the trend with our digital platform.x
Track emerging targets, drug therapies and combination strategies: Early pipeline and Business Development
Discover the next big trend instantly with Kognitic. Kognitic’s real-time data update helps our users to be on top of novel targets, preclinical, drugs in clinical trials,, and combination strategies. Our drug database and algorithm capture combinations that are being investigated in clinical trials and help our users cut down days spent understanding the combination strategies of various targets and drugs of interest.x
Identify site density for your key drugs and trials of focus: Medical Affairs, Clinical Development
Locate the sites of companies with similar drug development strategies as yours instantly and specifically and be ahead of your competitors’ strategies with our extremely well-curated insights on site occupancies.x
Comparative analysis of biomarker strategy for specific areas of focus: Medical Affairs, Brand strategy
The kognitic platform allows users to instantly map out the biomarker landscape by filtering for various attributes, especially, ‘patient population’, ‘line of therapy,’ and ‘biomarker’ provided by our advanced automated algorithms.x

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